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2014 Sportsman Giveaway

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2014 Annual Sportsman Raffle Poster


Official Raffle Winners


ITEM Ticket Number / Name Location
1. DPMS AR-15 MOE Warrior 442 Cory Brignac Paulina, LA
  1. Barnett Crossbow Wildgame Innovations
749 Kevin Cormier Maurice, LA
  1. 12 gauge Berretta
274 Paul Davis Youngsville, LA
4. Railside Feed

 $150.00 Gift Card

360 Lee Young Gonzales, LA
5.   Buck Fins & Feathers 150.00 Gift Card 1825 John Geiger Youngsville, LA
6. Masterbuilt Window Smoker 397 Richard “Footy” Foret Baton Rouge, LA
7. Savoy Leather Custom Gun Holster 446 Ricky Burch Denham Springs, LA
  1. St. Croix Mojo Casting

Model MBC70MF     7′    1/4″-5/8oz    M   10-17lb String

2125 Beth Douzart Delcambre, LA
9. St. Croix Premier Series Crank Bait Casting Rod

Model PC66MHM    6’6″   M   3/8-1oz    MH    10-20lb String

2928 Jonathan Roberie Broussard, LA
10. K2 Summit 70qt Duck Boat Green

Description:      Green

1838 Nadine Gage Mulhall, OK
11. Liberty Revolution 12 gun safe 2593 Doug Robarge Youngsville, LA
12. Buck Fins & Feathers 150.00 Gift Card 236 Philip Killain Galliano, LA
13- Fishing Packages

Cabela’s Rods

Cabela’s Salt Striker Inshore Casting Rod Model ISC-703  7′  FAST  1/4-3/4oz  MH  10-17


798 Scott Lagrange Lafayette, LA
14. Rutger 10/22 Camo Rifle 2261 Lynn Marrone Kenner, LA
15. Z’s Tackle  $150.00 Gift Card 751 Debora Lejeune Jennings, LA
16. Summit 70qt Duck Boat Green

Description:      Green

2066 Pauline Stoute Delcambre, LA
17. K2 Summit 70qt Glacier White Description: White 478 Mark Forshag Hammond, LA
18. COSTA SUNGLASSES 1675 Nathan Templet Pierre Part, LA
19 K2 Summit 50qt Shadow Grass Blades Description: Green with Camo Top 74 Chris Wilson Broussard, LA
20. Railside Feed

 $150.00 Gift Card

203 Tom Bice Baton Rouge, LA
21. Remington Versa Max 26″ 2450 Earl Rigsby Bullard, TX
22. K2 Summit 70qt Glacier White Description: White 2450 Earl Rigsby Bullard, TX
23. Savoy Leather Custom Gun Holster 1212 Allen Millet LaPlace, LA
24. Henry 30/30 Lever Action 352 Stewart Messer Greenwell Springs, LA
25- Fishing Packages

Cabela’s Rods

Salt striker Spinning Rod

Model ISS702A 7′

33 Michelle Duplantis Church Point, LA
26. Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Semi Auto Rifle 1988 Aaron Thompson Red Bluff, CA
  1. Remington 870 12ga 3 ½”
1575 Roger Molison Kingswood, TX
28. Z’s Tackle Gift $150.00 Card 2262 Lynn Marrone Kenner, LA
29. Oakley Sunglasses 931 Johnny Dupont Roxie, MS
30 Fishing Packages

Cabela’s Rods

St. Croix Mojo Inshore Casting

Model MC70MCM

7′ MOD    1/8-1/2oz    8-14lb string


2377 Francis Leblanc Breaux Bridge, LA
293 Chantelle Simpson Church Point, LA
32. Berretta 9mm 782 Chris Thibodeaux Jennings, LA
33- Fishing Packages

Cabela’s Rods

St. Croix Eyecon Spinning Rod

Model ECS68MXF   6’8″   3/16-5/8oz    M    6-12lb    String

1535 Paul Matherne Abbeville, LA
34. Remington 300 Win Mag 2882 Brandon Cormier Broussard, LA
35. 7mm 08 2013 Chris Codie DeRidder, LA
36. COSTA SUNGLASSES 1978 Jean Romero Abbeville, LA
37 K2 Summit 50qt Shadow Grass Blades Description: Green with Camo Top 560 Thuy Doan Breaux Bridge, LA
38. Buck Fins & Feathers 150.00 Gift Card 1553 Brian Zera Opelousas, LA
39 Fishing Package

Cabela’s Rods

Inshore Spinning Shamano Teramar/ Model TMS-70m

518 Destiny Kliebert Paulina, LA
40. 7mm 08 2152 Charles Parker St. Amant, LA
41. Bushnell 10×42 Binoculars 2267 Louis Mahfouz Youngsville, LA
42. Ruter 40 Cal Pistol 751 Debora Lejeune Jennings, LA
43- Fishing Packages

Cabela’s Rods

Shimano Clarus Spinning Rod

Model CSS86M2B   8′ 6″     3/8-3/4oz M  8-12lb   String

1791 Chester Leblanc Abbeville, LA
44. 35 Wheelin 2217 Ken Guidry Abbeville, LA
45. Marlin 17 1631 Mitchell Martin Paulina, LA
46. Costa Sunglasses 2305 Lee Morgan Ovett, MS
47. Buck Fins & Feathers 150.00 Gift Card 1824 Theresa McClung Paulina, LA
48. DPMS AR15 .223 1607 Joseph Bienvenu Paulina, LA
49. DRAKE Apparel $200 Gift Card 1633 Todd Laiche Paulina, LA
50. DRAKE Apparel $200 Gift Card 259 Joe Combel Prairieville, LA
51. Weatherby TR12 Home Defense 340 Steve Gauthier Thibodaux, LA
52 CAMO GOLF CART 241 Kurt Trahan Delcambre, LA
53. POLARIS 400 2928 Jonathan Roberie Broussard, LA



 Trinity Outdoors Disabled Adventures, LA (501c3 Non Profit) has been formed as an outreach program from Acadiana Amputee Support Group. The vision of our group is to provide enough community involvement to see more people with disabilities “STEP OUT” away from the usual way of life, and “STEP INTO” a new way that can build confidence, provide spiritual uplifting, and have the opportunity to surround themselves with others who are experiencing the same challenges in life.  Activities such as tennis, golfing, hunting, fishing, and canoeing, kayaking, camping, hiking, and summer camps has been organized to help bring our members together for memorable spiritual experiences of a lifetime.  We have volunteers from many parts of our state of Louisiana that are ready at the drop of dime to lend a helping hand. The majority of these individuals has a child, a relative, a friend, or is disabled themselves. When people ask what ages we cater too; I always answer, “There is no age limit. We can cater from 2 years old to 102 years old.” OUR mission is to give back, share, encourage, and uplift ANYONE who may be dealing with or have dealt with disabilities. OUR TEAM is made up of GOD loving & sincere individuals who have a passion to uplift the principles our TEAM stands for.

What has T.O.D.A. done with the proceeds from the last 5 years fund raisers?

Over the last 6 years T.O.D.A. has been able to raise an approximate over $250,000 with last year alone approximately $140,000.00. Here is the approximation breakdown: Disabled Equipment and Supplies: $30,000.00, Kids Summer Camp: $15,000.00, Office and Operations: $30,000.00, Events/Trips: $30,000.00, Donations and blessings to others: $16,000.00= an approximate $121,000.00……. Past trips included deer, predator and hog hunting in Texas, Mississippi, & Louisiana, and along with multiple fresh water and salt water fishing trips in and around Southern Louisiana including our yearly Friends Fellowship Fishing Extravaganza which draws about 120 disabled individuals a day to just enjoy the outdoors.

We are a charitable 501c3 nonprofit organization. If you can help our organization with a financial contribution or outdoor opportunity please hit the contact us button and we will get back with you ASAP. Or Trinity Outdoors Disabled Adventures, LA would also welcome anyone or group, that may have a simple pond to fish or land to hunt, to take advantage of giving back and watching how the simple gift of kindness can make the world of difference in someone’s life. We are just a bunch of southern men and women wanting to do something good for those less fortunate. There is no limitation on the Lord so our travels aren’t limited either. God Bless.

Jason J. Bland, LPTA
Acadiana Amputee Support Group & Bland Physical Therapy Services

204 Nicole Drive

Youngsville, LA  70592
cell (225) 715-9581 fax (337) 451-6533




Josh Carney/ Baton Rouge Outdoors Paraplegic Advisor

Matt Matherne/  Treasurer/ Secretary

Brady Dugas/ Vice President & Visual Impairment Advisor             

Jason Lemoine/ Outdoors & Land Consultant

Reed Miller/ Southwest Louisiana Representative

Chris Herrera/ Board Member

Robbie Fabacher/  Board Member

John Guidry/  Board Member

Gerrard Credeur/ Acadiana Committee Member

Warren Coupel/ South Louisiana Paraplegic Representative

November 2014 Annual Sportsman Giveaway

2014 Annual Sportsman Giveaway


2014 Fact Sheet

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If you feel you would like to bless Trinity Outdoor Disabled Adventures with a donation please read our Donation Letter for a list of areas we are currently in need of assistance.

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